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The Month that was.. #June2015

They say, ‘Out of sight is out of mind”.

I’m not sure. But, I sure missed writing and reading. Whether it was deliberate, well, I hope not. I knew there were some fabulous posts by my fellow bloggers which were causing a stir in the blogging world and that I have missed out on writing for some eye-catchy prompts and contests. But no, nothing could bring me back to putting my fingers on the keyboard and type. I had some brilliant ideas at wee hours in the morning while travelling for work, or at the shower or yeah even while I was sauteing vegetables for lunch. Still, I just didn’t want to write.

Not because I had a writer’s block or that I was lazy. But, yeah, may be you understand. One of those days. One of those days that I hardly responded to any Whatsapp messages or FB chats! The result? Some pissed off friends and some who appreciated me taking a step back. It was more or less like me switching on my ‘Ignore-Mode’. As if I don’t care even if hell breaks loose and that I am happy in my cocoon.

This was a month were I lived my life. I read about 8-9 books, watched movies, traveled a lot, worked, cooked, dined, loved. I relished each and every second that the clock clicked, as if it was my last. Probably. With a post of mine bagging the Top Post in Baggout.com, another post winning a writing contest, appreciation mails from client at work, performing our housewarming ceremony, packing my home and moving out to live alone without him, this surely is one hell of a month, with all its ups and downs. That approving smile, the good nightΒ kiss, the chitter chatter, the shared laughter- it has come to a stand still. Well, at least for now.

It is a fast-paced world. Don’t you think? Where you do not have time to even stand and gaze? Or even savor the ice-cream you eat. We are all just busy, pre-occupied with our own lives. At the moment, my life is also more or less like a roller-coaster ride. Doubtful of whether I will scream at the top of my lungs, till your ears bleed or whether I will have a cardiac arrest when at the peak point.

But I am ready to embrace my fears and accept new challenges that life is planning to throw on my way. I might pause, or take a deep breath. But I sure am ready.


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