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My Mamma Dearest ❤❤

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb the golden stair”. I was listening with my little brown eyes wide open as Mamma narrated my favorite story for the umpteenth time.

One of my favorite pics with her, till date!! :D

One of my favorite pics with her, till date!! 😀

“Mamma, will I have long golden hair when I grow up?”, the innocent three-year old me was curious.

“You will not have golden hair. But let’s see if yours will be long. Who knows maybe you would chop it off”, she said.

“No, but why would I do that?”.

“Shalu, people change as they grow up. Your likes and dislikes also will. So, lets leave this to time, okay?”

“But, no Mamma! I will not change. I will always be like this!”

How sure I was!


I was so happy being dressed like a doll in a pink dress, my thick curly hair tied with pink ribbons. But my eager eyes were searching for her. ‘Where is she? She told me she will come with matching earrings and bangles. All my friends are ready. Why is Mamma late?’

As I pondered over her, I saw her entering our dressing room.

“Sorry baby, I got a little late. I got your earrings. I will put it for you.”

I was dying to see the pretty earrings, but much to my surprise they were red instead of pink. Before I could say anything she said, “I know it is red. I’m sorry. I could find only this”.

“It’s okay, Mom”, I smiled.

I saw the teacher having a word with her and I could see she was upset over the red earrings. All my friends had matching pink ones. I could see Mamma sad too but she came upto me and said, “Do well, Shalu. Smile throughout, okay? I will be there!” and she left.

As I danced merrily to “Lou, lou, skip to my lou, my Darling” I also saw her seated in the front row among other parents, her eyes gleaming with pride and adoration for her little baby.

She gave me a tight squeeze as she said “I love you Shalu. You make me so happy. Do you want to learn how to dance?”

“Yes, Mamma. Like these girls over here wearing bright coloured sarees and jhumkas and ghungroos.” I said with so much excitement pointing towards the girls getting ready for their classical dance performance.

And yes she did. I could still see the same love and delight in her eyes for me when I performed my first Bharatnatyam on stage ten years later.


“Mamma, I hate her”, I wept over the phone.

I was staying in a hostel, far away from home, from the comfort of her pat, her lap. She knew my heart was broken.

“It’s okay. I know you had a fight. But don’t say that you hate somebody, Shalu. Hate is a strong word. It shouldn’t be used often or at leisure.”

“Mom, is this important now? Why don’t you listen to me? Why don’t you understand?”, I was angry as she couldn’t figure out the sadness that had dwell in my heart. “I will call you later”, I said and slammed down the phone.

I was extremely mad at her then, but now I realize the significance of her very words.


“……and then I saw your Dad smiling at me saying things will be alright and I closed my eyes forever. I felt my heartbeat go down…until it decided not to beat anymore. A shiver came from my legs till my head. Maybe the doctors were giving me a shock or using a defibrillator to bring back my heartbeat, bring me back to life. I don’t know. But yes, I got my breath back. It is only because I had the true love of my life with me, that I could cope up with this, Shalu. If not for your Dad, I would have breathed my last a long, long time ago. You can see how he takes care of me like a little baby. I can never hurt him. He has gone through so much and I want you to remember that always. You will also have somebody like that in your life. Keep him close to your heart. Love him, cherish him”, she had tears in her eyes when she finished. And she wiped off mine.


“What are you doing?”

I saw her seated in front of the computer on a lazy Sunday morning.

“Shalu, have you ever listened to Boney M?”, she asked?

“Boney M? Who is that?”, I was curious.

“You don’t know Boney M? He was my favourite in my younger age, just like how you adore BackStreetBoys”, she winked.

“Mom, I don’t adore BSB. That was when I was in school. I am older now!”, I screamed.

As she downloaded the entire collection of Boney M songs, she shook her legs to ‘Ma Baker’, singing perfectly each and every line of the song. I was amused. I had never till date seen her like this.

The chemotherapy and radiation sessions had literally sucked the life out of her. She was weak as a stick, her hair completely gone and she was dreading to see herself in the mirror. But today she decided to come out of her shell. She wanted to live and needless to say, she was a delight to watch.


“You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen, Shalu”. She smiled through her tears.

It was my wedding day. And I said the temporary goodbye to her, leaving her behind to start a new family of my own, tears welled up in my eyes as well.


“But Mamma, I am scared. What if it blow off?”, I asked her.

It didn’t take too long for me to ring her after moving to my new home. I have never used a pressure cooker before and my husband had fondly asked me if I can prepare ‘Sambar’ for him.

“Shalu, it won’t. If you are scared then go out of the kitchen and after three whistles come back and switch off the flame”, she reassured me, for the zillionth time.

I did exactly the same but kept telling her that it was not my cup of tea, that I can’t cook and that I’m done with this. It was only a month into my wedding and I was already done. I heard her laugh. But she waited on the phone throughout my preparation of ‘Sambar’.


It took me an entire year to see her after my wedding. That moment! I literally yelped in happiness when I saw her at the airport waiting for me.

Today, as she flies down to my home again, I am so happy, like I have never been before. I am preparing her favorite Biriyani for lunch and I can’t wait to see her.

Happy Mother’s day, Mamma! You are my first expert, the one who made me into who I am today. I love you heaps, from the bottom of my heart.


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