As I sit to pen down this Reflections post, there is genuine sadness in  my heart. I am truly missing the madness, the chaos and the adrenaline rush I experienced during the month of April, trying to schedule posts before the clock strikes 12, going to work at 5am, constant beeping of my phone throughout the day with notifications on likes and comments on my posts, the urge to read and comment on other’s posts during work, reaching home and taking a nap for an hour so that I have the energy to blog hop by evenings. It was Madness, I say. But the kind of madness I absolutely loved.

A-to-Z Reflection [2015] - Lg

This is my second year at AtoZ and I wasn’t sure until the last week of March whether I should participate this year. I didn’t have a theme though I was asked by few blogger friends to continue where I stopped last year. But I wanted some freshness to my posts and I thought of including “Popular Shakespeare Idioms” we use into my “26 Hours of my Wedding” Theme. And once the theme was set, there was no looking back. It has been two years since I am married. But the memories are so fresh as it is beautiful. I scheduled nearly 16 posts before the start of month and that helped me heaps to have a relaxed and methodological way of handling the #AtoZChallenge.

Things weren’t going smooth at the personal front and I even decided to quit writing. There was an overwhelming support from friends whom I haven’t met in real life. Some were angry, some were sad but all of them were ready to lend a hand when I said I needed help and that was in trouble. Mere two years of blogging and I am astonished at the kind of support I received. A thanks wouldn’t suffice what I actually feel. But yes, thank you very much.

I was also a part of writing a guest post for the blogging community Blog-A-Rhythm. 26 of us got together to write a blogging-related post on each letter. It was a beautiful experience to be featured there. Join us as we enjoy the spirit of blogging through many events as Wordly Wednesdays, Blogger Focus and much more.

For a newbie like me, the below stats means the world!

Stats of April

Stats of April

For me, 3588 is a whooping number, the highest I ever since I began writing! I saw many milestones in my blog the last month, 25k Views in total, crossing the 500  mark in the number of followers and 256 visits for one post in one day.

My top five posts included: (in the same order)

Forever alone No more- 1

Forever alone No more- 2

Forever alone No more- 5

Forever alone No more- 4

Forever alone No more- Z #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z

I met few new bloggers, visited many of them religiously throughout the month though I lagged behind the last few days because the summer heat was taking a toll on me. But through thick and thin, I survived the A to Z.

Here are some of the bloggers whose writes inspired me and made me want to write more posts that a reader could connect with.

In no particular order: With some funny and thought-provoking 55’ers and flash fiction: Shilpa, Shailaja, Shanx, Positive quotes on Living by Shantala, Dog stories by Sulekha, a beautiful Novella by DevikaSwathi, interesting way of letting us know of different phobias by Sanch, Mythical stories by Suzy and Sundari, heart-warming tales by Vinay, some fab love stories by Vishal, Idioms by Prasanna and Elly, Inspiring tales by Usha Mam, Debbie and Eli who picked some beautiful words and weaved stories, Beautiful poems in short and sweet words from Vinitha and humorous ones from Nisha, thought-provoking ones from Eloquent mind, stories with book name as title by Nibha and Yoga poses by Rajalakshmi.There were some woman-oriented themes which touched a chord. Sheethal and Parul did a great job with it.

I know I’m missing many names here. But I will add on as and when I remember. I wasn’t being a good girl but I assure you that I will drop by at your blog and read your posts soon. There are five to ten blogs in my list which I didn’t visit even once. I’m not naming them here, but wait for it. You will get my love shower on all your 26 posts soon!

Thank you again for taking your time to read my posts and be a part of this wonderful journey. Thanks to Arlee Bird and other hosts for organizing this great challenge. It lifts up your mood and energizes you in ways which can’t be described. It’s more like a personal therapy, I should say. I can’t imagine an April without the AtoZChallenge now! Congrats everyone and Yippeeyay, we survived! No, We Lived!!! 



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