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Look out for #AsusZenfone2

“Shalu, heard that your MNC is giving special bonus to their employees?”

“Yes, Mom! Yay!!”

“So, yeah if you do not have any plans get me a new phone!”, Mamma chuckled.

“Why not, which one do you prefer?”, I asked her.

“Your choice. You know that I am a big zero in all these matters. I have no idea about the latest phone specifications, what differences between each of them and how much they cost!” I knew my Mom was clearly lost. Who wouldn’t when you have a wide range of options to choose from. I turned to my colleague who is an expert in selecting one. All I told him was that it should be easy on the pocket, should look good and yes, with latest specifications. Without a blink of the eye he exclaimed, “Zenphone 2!”

“Zenphone 2?”, I asked.

“Yes, Asus Zenphone 2! It comes with a 4GB RAM and Intel Atom Z3580/Z3560 64-bit Processor, thus having a high-end CPU and GPU performance. It’s better than any high-end ARM processor. Needless to say, it helps in incredible multitasking performance.”

“Unbelievable!”, I gasped.

“Moreover, it has an ergonomic arc design, making it thinner and an exquisite hairline design with metallic finish. So, it’s pretty as you wish for. It also has Zen UI providing a simple, direct, and unique look that can be modified to each user’s liking”.

“That’s great. Maybe, it doesn’t have a good camera!”, I exclaimed.


“No, no. It has a PixelMaster Camera13MP in the rear and takes images with up to 4X more clarity, up to 52MP. It has the World’s#1 Back light Super HDR mode delivering you the best low light pictures. Imagine neing in a dance floor and you can click aweome pics? Also, how can I forget! For a selfie-queen like you, it has a 5MP front camera with  85° to 140° wide-angle.

It also focuses on security and privacy with the help of Kids mode and Trend Micro Secure browsing. And of course, it comes with Dual active SIM mode and BoostMaster Fast Charging technology. That is, you can charge your smart phone to 60% capacity in less than 40 minutes.”

“Wow. Is it available now?”

“No, wait for two days. Zenphone2 will be launched on 23rd April and is available exclusively on Flipkart. I say it’s worth the wait! Hey, why are you sad?”

“Sameer, I… I was planning to gift it to Mom. Now, I feel like buying it”. I winked.

“Get one for me too”, he gleamed.

We had a hearty laugh and got back to work, each eagerly waiting to lay hands on this marvelous piece.

This is a sponsored post for #AsusZenphone2.

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