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Forever alone No more- P

Clock shows: 1.45am / Date:03Feb13

Singlehood ends in: 11 hours 

Shakespeare Idioms Used: Primrose path, Pound of flesh

“Mom!!!!! No!”

It is embarrassing when your Mom secretly calls you for a talk, without the notice of your younger unmarried sister, for giving you advice regarding your wedding night, and also trying her level best not to let the awkwardness show on her face.

“But Shalu, keep them with you. It might be useful later if not tomorrow”, she winks and gives me one of those lacy night dresses! No, I don’t want to go into the details now. But this is the most perplexed I have felt my entire life. Moms, I tell you!

And now the curious little sister steps in. Guess she could sense the “hotness” quotient of the discussion between me and Mom. She has her say, “Chechi (sister!), tomorrow….same time….!!” And then she blushes!

“What????” Okay, now that’s not a sweet thought, I tell you! And seeing your Mom and sister giggle and have a laugh at your expense, especially on a sensitive topic like this is not a pretty sight. No! I don’t want to take a stroll down the primrose path, lured by their remarks.

It’s scary! At least to me! Their gushes were like demanding a pound of flesh when they know that I’m already scared like a chicken. Gosh!

‘Written for the A-Z challenge 2015′



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