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Forever alone No more- M

Clock shows: 10.45pm / Date:02Feb13

Singlehood ends in: 14 hours 

Shakespeare Idioms Used: Much ado about nothing, My salad days

….I remember the blushing me not even able to look meet eyes. So forget asking him to wear me the ring!

I had to leave for work in two days and he came to drop me at the station. It was evening and I knew we both were feeling a little strange or I don’t know..may be sad? I had to board the bus in another ten minutes and he took me for a stroll.  We walked..he blabbering something..and I was lost in thoughts. I knew I would miss him though it was only few hours I had spent in four months to the man I got engaged to. There were only few words exchanged between us in these months. And believe me when I say they were all formal talks! 🙂

While he went on and on about some random topic. I stopped and looked into his eyes. He was flabbergasted. I took out the ring from my pocket and asked him to put it on my finger. He was stunned, skipping a few heartbeats. Silence prevailed for a few seconds and he did what I asked of him. He smiled. When I was about to board the bus, he gave me a warm hug and did he kiss me? I guess he did..on my forehead. 🙂 I knew I had fallen for him.

And now looking at my ring, I smile. My Mom was right, after all.

His name hidden in my Mehendi Motifs :)

His name hidden in my Mehendi Motifs 🙂

The guests have all left…They were curious to find out his name hidden in my Mehendi motifs. It was fun! And I found myself blushing and shying away at his thoughts.

Guess they were all happy.. But I can hear Dad saying that a few were complaining for not serving non-veg food. They have been getting very upset about it, but as far as I’m concerned it’s all much ado about nothing.

I don’t know whether I should to be happy or sad. My salad days are coming to an end. At least that is what people expect of me- to leave behind my innocence and impulsiveness. Will I change? Should I change?

‘Written for the A-Z challenge 2015′



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