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Forever alone No more- J

Clock shows: 7.45pm / Date:02Feb13

Singlehood ends in: 17 hours 

Shakespeare Idioms Used: Jaws of Death

I’m asked to have food. In fact, my Mom grabs my wrists and walks me out to the dining area. Embarrassing though! But, I’m kinda hungry.

My friends from my work has come to attend my reception. They are coming from a far off place and I am jumping with joy. They would have known that if they didn’t come it was more or less like being in the jaws of death.

I have some unexpected visitors as well. They are the 6th grade Cadets from my school! I have studied in a military school where my Dad is one of the Senior Masters there. 558955_10151601307576449_1549566358_nI feel so happy seeing the bubbly bunch. They had gifted me with a red rose and I feel like a Rockstar- a celebrity!

By now, about hundreds of people have visited me with huge boxes of gifts. I wonder what they are. 😛 I hope I can open all these with him. It is going to take an entire day opening up the presents. It’s going to be fun!

By now, my family and friends are around and Wow… the feeling is overwhelming.

I’m being praised for my Mehendi. Usually the South Indian Brides do not put Mehendi covering the whole of your hands. It would be just on the palm. I was adamant though :P. It did cost me a bomb, but come on! It’s MY wedding!

I have written his name- actually hidden his name in my Mehendi motifs. It is said that the guy wouldn’t be able to spot it easily. Hence he has to, on the wedding night, find the name. It is an icebreaker, considering it an arranged marriage.. you know what I mean….  😛 😛


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