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Forever alone No more- I

Clock shows: 6.45pm / Date:02Feb13

Singlehood ends in: 18 hours 

Shakespeare Idioms Used: In the twinkling of an eye, In a pickle, I bear a charmed life

My mehendi(henna) isn’t red till now. We believe, the more red or dark it is, the deeper would be the love between the couple. It also represents love and understanding between the bride and her mother-in-law.

Here I am…. feeling both Important and Insignificant at the same time. I reminisce over how we had first met.

When I reached ‘the marriageable age’, Dad created ‘my profile’ in the Matrimony site. In the twinkling of an eye, umpteen number of proposals started pouring in. And it was then that my Dad decided to inform me. Yeah, it was then that I came to know that my parents were trying to evacuate me from home! I found myself in a pickle as I realized there was no getting out of this mess. A typical scenario went like this:

My phone rings and seeing that it is from Dad, I do not pick up the call until the last ring. “Shalu, how was your day at work?”
“Nothing much, Dad.. as usual”
“Ok dear, grab a pen and paper and note down these IDs. They seem good and they match your horoscope too. Let me know which ones you liked. We’ll narrow it down”. And then he reads out the Matrimonial IDs of the most eligible bachelors in town for his little princess.

Yes, a typical office-after evening of mine went as above. I had just joined my dream IT company and my work location was far away from home. It did get on my nerves at times and I never even bothered to take a look at the IDs given by Dad. And finally when the pressure was so on, I did. I was taken aback seeing the line of “narrowed down” profiles and literally had tears in my eyes. Many looked somewhat like this!


Right from my childhood, I often wondered why men were spotted with weird looking beards on their faces! They called it a Goatee or a Soul Patch or a Mutton Chops! Whatsoever, it was just plain facial hair for me!

Anyway, one evening when I was watching a popular Tamil movie “Vaaranam Aayiram” for the zillionth time, and especially this particular scene where the actor comes out of the Military Academy in his uniform, made me sob and cry. I found myself praying to God to get me married only to an officer in the Armed Forces.

Screen Captures

Dad’s next phone call was quite a surprise. Among the twenty to shortlist, there was ‘his’! And needless to say, I chose it- one because his profile was catchy, two- because he was catchy and three- because he is from the Armed Forces.

Talks were on between both families and in another five month’s time we decided to meet. It was an official function were in, the guy and his parents visit the girl at her house. After the initial exchange of greetings and pleasantries, we talked in private for a brief 15minutes. Who would understand the other in a brief talk of five minutes? I do not know..

After they left, I understood that my Mom and Dad were pleased. To be honest, even I was bowled over by his charms. A very, down-to-earth guy, with a boy next door image! I’m not saying that I was in love, I was just feeling good. Now came the official talks- Dowry.

Thankfully, his family turned out to be decent enough and told Dad that they are not looking for money. They said they are interested in the alliance if “We both” were fine with it. Needless to say that Dad was impressed. Unlike others who demanded in “sacks of gold, or bundles of currency, or acres of land”,my Dad had saved himself from yelling “My daughter is not for SALE”. 😛

So, it was “official”. We were “meant-to-be” and in another three months we were engaged. And then? I got into the Good morning – Good night message mode! He was busy…always. That was how our so-called “engagement period” went by. They say, this period is the best time for a couple- the most memorable one.

In spite of all my agonies, I knew this was my decision- the most important decision of my life- to get married to an Army Officer. I  bear a charmed life. And life would definitely teach me to wait, hope and pray. I got to stay strong like my Mom who is an army wife too. I may not get candies and flowers and a romantic horse-drawn carriage in the moonlight. And just like my friends and relatives say, the distance might be hard, the worry hard, the sacrifices hard..but loving him??- that’s the easiest I’ve ever done. Yes, I’m in love with him.

My Mehendi is red now.. bright fire brick-red and I smile….



Written for the A-Z challenge 2015′



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