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Forever alone No more- 6

Clock shows: 3.45pm / Date:02Feb13

Singlehood ends in: 21 hours 

Shakespeare Idioms Used: Foot loose and Fancy free, Foregone Conclusion

That moment when all eyes are on you. That moment when you feel like a heroine, a princess, a super-star!

I’m now in the reception hall where I’m surrounded by the Cameras. Even before meeting my relatives and exchange pleasantries, I am  being chased down by photographers who want to click maximum pictures before the guests start pouring in.

Constant flashes and instructions to smile and pose in different styles does test my patience. But I feel so pretty and beautiful and I do want my wedding album to be perfect. Picture-perfect as they say! I’m being praised for my ease to smile beautifully and I blush silently. How I wish he was here! Would he love to see me smile? I will have to wait for that! And wait for so many other things to know. I was footloose and fancy free till now, without a care in the world. But now? My fate is now a foregone conclusion. Na, will think of all that, later!

Anyway, stupid norms and customs! I’m in this part of Kerala where the boy is not supposed to visit the girl, the previous day of the wedding. I have been to a friends wedding before where the groom and his friends visit the bride on the eve of wedding, do pranks and have a jolly good time. But No! Karma! Duh!

I eye my companion in crime- my sister to sneak in my mobile…. 🙂 🙂

Written for the A-Z challenge 2015′



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