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Forever alone No more- 5

Clock shows: 2.45pm / Date:02Feb13

Singlehood ends in: 22 hours 

Shakespeare Idioms Used: Even turn the tide, Eat out of house and home.

It is in times like these, I turn to my neighbor who is nothing less than a mother figure to me. She has seen me as a baby crying in my Mamma’s arms, running around the garden in my frock, as a heartbroken teenager, an independent working lady and now she is seeing me as a bride. You know, it is a tradition to invite your relatives when you choose and purchase your jewelry. But, I had invited her. She is special.

By now I have opened my laptop and “googled” on how to wear Saree in Gujarathi style. As she is trying her best to somehow drape me in an almost Gujarathi way, she asks on how I’m planning to do my hair. She not only helps me with that, but also helps my sister in draping hers.

We are officially dressed up- the bride and her sister. We are wearing similar sarees but of different colors. Oh, how much I hated that while we were kids! This pic depicts my exact feelings!


But this time, it was I who wanted us to be like twins! I guess, wedding does that to you! Meanwhile, I can hear my Mom screaming and shouting. Yeah, I haven’t had my lunch yet. She knows that my relatives will be home any second from now and they are going to eat us out of house and homeShe is concerned as the evening is going to be pretty long. I know for me, she’d even turn the tide. And me? I’m happy and is running around…

P.S: My blog DP is how we looked like 2yrs ago, at the reception.  I will be changing the DP relating to the post, till April 30 🙂 Sounds, good?

Written for the A-Z challenge 2015′



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