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Last Tango in Goa- Part 3

Thanks for all the love!! Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

I run…. as fast as I can…as far as I can!

PC: Missing Beats of Life

PC: Missing Beats of Life

I don’t want anybody to see me. As I stand at the beach alone, I cry. I cry my heart out. I have a tightening pain in my chest and a nervous stomach. I’m unable to breathe anymore. . Is this heart-break?

“Why Oh Lord, why? I am unable to understand the plans you have for me. I’m done. I’m done being defensive, done being strong, done with everything. I can’t stand anymore trials and tribulations from you. I’m just done!!!”

I thought that there were no tears left in me. I thought I was already empty. But now, I feel numb, once again, to the world.


My friends were watching the entire action that was happening between us. As soon as I left, they rushed to him and confronted.

“Who are you? How do you know her?”

He was bewildered for a second and said, “I am Tareeq”.

“Tareeq? YOU ARE Tareeq? You moron! How did you find her now? Why on earth did you talk to her now? How dare you come in front of her after all that you had done to her? After all that she has gone through?” They attacked him.

He regained his composure. “Listen, Miss. I just happened to meet her here. I needn’t explain myself to you. And, I believe you are her friends.”

“Oh yes, we are. Unlike you who.. Oh, forget it. Please, for heaven’s sake stay away from her.”

“Why are you trying to protect her? As far as I know her, she is able to stand on her own.”

The till then silent Renuka blurted out! “Yes, we know that! After all, it was you who taught her that! To stand on her own! How dare you talk to us like this. You don’t even have the slightest of guilt, right? How many times has she tried to contact you? Mails, chats and by all means possible!! God, you simply ignored them all! As if you wanted to humiliate her with your silence…. for keeping her trust in you. For loving you..”

“Wait.. Love? We never……..we were just….”

“Oh friends, right? Just friends! Are you so dumb that you didn’t know she loved you? And do you think she didn’t know what you felt for her?”

“I knew… and I left just because of that!”


“As I said, I needn’t explain myself to you. I didn’t give one to her even. But…. I knew she loved me so much. Even without seeing me, or knowing how I am in person. And believe me, I felt the same. Even after knowing that she was married and was somebody else’s forever. If we discussed this, I knew she will never let me go. I had a huge influence on her, which was good and bad at the same time. I hurt her. Deliberately! And I knew exactly how I could break her heart. Trust me when I say, I didn’t want her to be confused. And to put it straight on your face, I didn’t want her to commit infidelity! She is too sweet and innocent for that. It was only a few months we had known each other. But then, we DID know each other! And if I left, I thought she will move on.. I…..

The three girls were dumbstruck.

“Give us a moment”, said Renuka.

They discussed among themselves and finally came back to him.

“Fine! You wanted to be a saint. You wanted her good. You knew everything about her. So, listen to this also. She is divorced! Since three months!”

It was his time to go stunned. “Wait, what??”

“Yes she is. None of us, her parents, family, none knew what she was going through in her otherwise beautiful marriage. It was a perfect match for everybody. But there came a point in her life when she couldn’t go on anymore. Her in-laws had been with them for a few weeks and they found their son drinking. They accused her saying she was the reason for this habit of his as they thought he never drank before the wedding. They pointed finger at her saying she was nothing but a bitch who brought disaster to his life, that she was ‘incapable’ of even having a baby after three years. But what hurt her the most was her husband listening to all this and choosing to remain silent. We are still in awe at how she told them bluntly that he was nothing but a jerk all these years, how he drank each and every night abusing her and man-handling her. She threw the medical documents on their face and told them that it was he who was ‘incapable’ and not her. And then she decided to  leave. What happened next was heart-breaking. All the accusations and humiliations from her dear ones! But yes, as you said, she stood on her feet, firm on the ground. “

“I want to see her..”

“Tareeq, we don’t know what you are up to. We just felt that you should know. If her marriage was the only thing that kept you away from her, please talk to her. Else, if you are planning to hurt her again, Believe me, we will definitely kill you.”

He smiled.

And as he left in search of her..they knew what he was up to. be contd

Last part on Feb 14th. Stay Tuned!!


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