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I’m often judged for my extreme personality. You can find me in bliss in both a calm lake and a loud waterfall, in an LBD and a saree, in a bright red lipstick and stilettos and also in my comfy pajamas! So, my point is, why should you choose? Why should you pick only pick one?

When I took the most important decision of my life, of getting married to an Army Officer, I was discouraged by anyone and everyone. There were people who warned me that I will have to sacrifice my career, compromising the Masters in Engineering which I earned through my sheer hard work. I was told that I will end up being a house-wife, bound inside the four walls of our house, for the mere reason that he will be posted to some random, distressful, bleak places every two years.

But No! I wasn’t ready to give up on my childhood dream of getting married to an Army Officer. Coming from a Fauji family, I knew what I was signing up for, and I’m proud that I have done that. Three days before the wedding, he informed me that he will have to report back to work in a week or so, to take up his command at Kashmir. He left me after ten days. Yes. TEN!!

That's Me! Ready to conquer the world!

That’s Me! Ready to conquer the world!

Couple of months later, we were back together again at Pune, where I still work- A work which demands me to slog and toil at odd hours- in shifts, from early morning to late nights to even night shifts. I work on weekends too. ‘Your marriage is at stake, Shalini! Night shifts just after your wedding?,’ they had added,touching the side of their nose with a forefinger. All I did, was smile!

But despite of a pretty demanding job, I also find time for my passions- blogging, reading and dancing! I successfully manage two blogs-one here at Tomatoes and a food blog- Somethin’s Cooking that demands both my time and energy. I’m a trained classical dancer who also loves to Zumba. From “Haww….how do you get time to do all this”, I have learned that you can be a lot of things, living for yourself, pursuing your passion.

You are a package of beautiful things that define you and do not ever let anything or anyone stop you from pursuing what you truly love. Yes, I am a wife who works in one of the biggest IT companies, who also take up responsibilities as an Army wife, who is doing her MBA correspondence only because I wanted to, who also loves to blog, to dance and dare to dream!

Stand up for yourself! Dare to be an ‘AND’ than an ‘OR’!

Yes, I am This AND That!

Thanks Bloggada, for a brilliant opportunity!

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