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Withered Days #WordOfTheYear

A very happy new year to all my dear readers- few but definitely important and valuable!

This is my first post of the year and in case you are wondering where on earth I was all these days, I should say, I was right here. Everyday I opened this so-called “Add new post” page but was blank. If I was frustrated one day, I was solemn and sober the next. If angry and being defensive, then I was back to being broken-hearted the next. And all this while, I couldn’t pen down a single word and was merely staring at the laptop screen wondering what should be my first post of the year!

Today I had no plans of writing one and guess what I stumbled upon? Laurel’s post on choosing just one word that you hoped or planned to make the focus of the coming year.

The post gave a stir in my heart and I wanted to choose a word. I was done with “Love, Happiness, Believe, Dare, Dream” and all of them. Never really worked! As I look back to the years gone by, I know that I’ve clung on to the past, believing each time that I forgive quickly but never forget easily. I preferred to be in a dream world than to be in reality. I was so weak and sensitive and cried my heart out when my best friend decided to break up with me. I began questioning my innocent self who had love and hope twinkling in my eyes, who believed in dreams, magic and miracles. I wanted someone to protect me so badly but decided to hide it by being stubborn. I had a secret fear inside, when I said I don’t need anyone.

So rather than fighting hard, I learnt the hardest lesson in life- to let go! And my #WordOfTheYear?



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Embrace the change, the moment, the day

Embrace the fact that there are things in life you can’t change.

Embrace the fact that some people are not meant for a life-time even if you firmly believed so, once.

Embrace the fact that life is not always a bed of roses; or even so, there are no roses without thorns.

Embrace the fact that certain things are out of your control and you need to let go!

Embrace the fact that everything happens for the best and for a reason, which most of the times you may not figure out!

Embrace the fact that, if things are meant to be, it will be!

Embrace the fact that you are special, a tough cookie and unpredictable!

Embrace the fact that you are a caring, gentle, compassionate soul who still believes in L.O.V.E!


Embrace who you really are!

So, do you have a word for the year? I assure you, that it would be help you take charge of your life in some mysterious way! What are you waiting for? Join us with your word!


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