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Be Your Happy Self

Do you stare yourself at the mirror and hate yourself? Do you feel disgusted? Or does your conscience hurt? Do you long for a change? That lush job or a great boyfriend that she has? Or do you simply beg to God to just make you happy?

I confess, I have been there. So what do you do when you are sad, lonely and depressed? Stay that way? Let’s find some way to be your happy self.


a. Forgive yourself:

For hurting your friend| For being bitchy| For being rude to your parents| For doing that something which you regret| What’s done is done! High time you put it behind you.

b. Find your person:

I shared a quote with you yesterday! “She’s my person! If I murder someone she is the person I’d call to help me drag the corpse across the living room floor. She’s my person”. Do you have one like that? To share your deep dark secrets which you wouldn’t have dared to share with your bestie or your mom. I never believed in having a person until I got one! Until then, all I thought of was suppressing my sadness within. And what did that bring? Hurting your conscience each day- for no fault of yours? Have that someone in your life to back you up, to tell you, you are wrong when you are, to share your sadness and happy times. It does make a difference! Trust me!

c. Forgive Others and Forget:

Which till date I couldn’t. I have been asked to. I could forgive those who had hurt me and torn me to pieces, but I’m too bad in forgetting it. All I feel is God has left you with scars as a reminder- that things were wrong and now the wounds have been healed. Isn’t that a beautiful way to think?

d. Do something that makes you happy:Β 

Oh yeah, I have been asked to find that one thing that makes me happy. I usually listen to some party songs when moody πŸ˜› I shake my leg and yes, it’s gone! The hurt is actually gone! If I’m pretty sad, I go to sleep. Oh yeah, I do! As said in Gone with the Wind,Β β€œI’ll think of it tomorrow, at Tara(her home). I can stand it then. Tomorrow, I’ll think of some way. After all, tomorrow is another day.” It’s definitely not procrastination. But it does help clear your mind. Agree?

e. Prioritize!

Breathe! Eat! Dance! Sing under the shower (at least) ! Cry! Laugh! Smile! Dance in the rain! Smell flowers! Get some sunlight! Get out of that bed! Take a walk! Read! Watch Friends! Have chocolate and loads of it! Hug! Kiss! Pamper yourself! Visit a spa! A saloon! Get a haircut! Shop! Buy that one expensive footwear you always wanted! That handbag! That watch! It’s about you!

Take care of yourself.

Today is Day5 of the Write Tribe’sΒ 7 Days To Rediscovering Your Blogging Groove.Β AndΒ it’s all about Writing a tip post!!Β 



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