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The Liebster Award #6

First Blog love after my first Blogiversary and I’m so happy. 🙂 I remember the first time I was tagged for a Blog award and my joy knew no bounds- as if I had won an  Oscar! 😀 liebsteraward-copy

This time, I had been tagged by ‘The Dr.Roshan Radhakrishnan’ from Godyears. Oh yeah, I’m a huuuuge fan…esp, of his Snoopy Stories. I’m actually planning to kidnap his Snoopy. Roshan, you better beware! 😛 Haven’t read him yet? Hop in to read the Best Creative Writing Blog in India!

So, What is a Liebster Award?

Tthe award was generated in Germany(probably) and is a beautiful way of recognizing lesser known blogs. Liebster means “sweetest, kindest, cutest, nicest, beloved, lovely, pleasant, valued” etc.

Rules to Follow:

Apparently, there are few rules to follow(it keeps varying with each award pass-on). So, I will stick to my nominator- Godyears. The rules ask you to thank the person who presented the award to you, have the award on your post, answer the 11 questions that has been asked, award the same to 5-11 other upcoming blogs, ask ten questions to them and list 11 random facts about yourself. Cool isn’t it? So, here I go..

11 Facts about Myself:

a. I am scared of cockroaches. Dead scared, especially the flying ones. I will scream until your ears bleed.

b. I am a trained classical dancer. A proud one at that.

c. I was travelling in Dad’s gypsy at the back seat. He was in his uniform and I saw his soldiers saluting him as the gypsy passed them. The innocent 9-yr old me told my Dad, “Acha, I want to get married only to an Army Officer.”- and I did 🙂 Now I’m wondering why!! :O

d. I’m easy to please- a thoughtful gesture, a handwritten letter, a big heart, an honest smile, kind words, chivalry, dimple cheeks, the color red….Well, hope you get my point. You can read more here at My form of Bliss.

e. I hated cooking. I couldn’t even make a perfect tea (well, I still can’t, P says my tea tastes different at different times of the day 🙁 ). But the point is, I never thought I will cook. Forget me, my Mom thought I will be a terrible wife. So when I prepared a full 5-course meal for P’s officers and friends, I knew I had it in me! That was my Eureka moment.

f. I am a big Bollywood movie and music freak. My laptop plays Hindi music 24/7. I cook only when my small lil’ radio is on. I believe that adds more spice and flavour to my dish. I know, W.E.I.R.D.

g.  Give me a box of plain Cadbury chocolates (not the caramel or fruit and nut ones) and I will marry you. P.S: Now that I’m married, I can’t  🙁

h. I have watched Greys Anatomy and Friends for over 10 times now. And I can still watch them N no: of times.

i. Mom was diagnosed with cancer- never having a chance to come back to life. I’ve seen my Dad taking care of her like a lil’ child- scolding and feeding her after the dreadful Chemo. And we were two lil girls who didn’t know anything- rather, I was in my 12th grade but was never informed about her actual condition. She has recovered miraculously and I guess, solely because of my Dad. Yes, this is the moment that touched my life- the moment when I realized their true love and devotion!

j. I don’t have a best friend! Not even one! I think I’m content with talking to myself 😛

k. I am my Daddy’s little girl; his princess- now and for always!

Here are my answers to Roshan’s 11 Questions:

1. What was the best moment of your life till date?

I remember dancing for the “Annual Day” in school. It was for the song- “Dola re..Dola” from the popular Bollywood movie- Devdas! The moment it finished, there was a huge round of applause and my Dad (who is a teacher in the same school), came running backstage to give me the best hug possible ever! I could see his heart swell in pride.

2. If not ‘your present job’, what would you see yourself doing in life?

At 6, I wore my tee on my head and pretended to be a nurse. At 10, I wore mom’s saree and with a stick in hand, I pretended to be a teacher. At 13, I wore short-skirts at home and pretended to be an air-hostess. 😛  At 17, I wanted to be a doctor and at 22, I ended up being a Network Engineer. Now if you ask me, I want to be a chef or a dancer by profession 🙂

3. Who was your first celebrity crush?

First and Last and For always- Hrithik Roshan. I’ve written a letter to him- My Crush.

4.  The best friend you have made in the blogosphere?

Manas Mukul. Read him and you’ll know why.

5.  I’m giving you a million dollars. How are you going to spend it?

Wow. A lump in my throat! Hmm… what will I do?? Buy all the books in my wishlist and make a library at home. Buy awesome camera, Mac Book, go around the world, go for A.R Rahman and Enrique concert, and do everything in my Bucket list, including getting a tatto and giving a large sum of money to charity.

6. Your best feature?

They say eyes, He says eyes, I say eyes. 🙂

7. Show us a photo you possess on your computer/mobile that you just love?


This was how we were welcomed to his military station after the wedding.

8. Two books you would recommend to everyone?

Tough one. 🙂 Esp recommending to everyone!! I think the Harry Potter series can be enjoyed irrespective of age. 😀 And my favorite is Gone with the Wind. Nothing can beat that. 🙂

9. Favourite food dishes?

Honey-glazed Prawns and Kerala Beef Olathiyathu. Yummm.. Now I’m hungry.

10. A celebrity you feel is highly underrated and deserves more credit (and why)?

I honestly am not getting any names right now. But, Shahid Kapoor? Watch Haider for him. He is all I can think of now.

11. Share some insightful advice you have learned NOT FROM BOOKS but from the crazy journey of life?

I went to an Ashram a couple of years back. I was tattered and torn from a heartbreak. And I read this, “Remember, even this too will pass…”. Yeah, that’s what I’ve learnt from my crazy life. 🙂

Now, Here are my 11 Questions:

1. What are the five things you love to do?

2. If given a chance, which fantasy world would you like to live in and why?

3. If given a chance to meet me, what do you want me to cook for you? 🙂

4. Which of your childhood memories is the prettiest one, please brief.

5. What’s your relaxing mantra?

6. I love creative people. Show me your creative best. A post or a pic.

7. If you get power for a day what change will you bring in to the country?

8.The best friend you have made in the blogosphere?

9. Show us a photo you possess on your computer/mobile that you just love?

10. Recommend three books.

11. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live, with whom, and why?

And I tag my favorite people- The Joker, The Witch, DandelionsInWind, Vishal and Sheethal .

P.s: If you are against the blog awards or blog love, write the answers and facts in the comment section. I would love to read that.


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