Life as I Know It


More comforting than friends, more passionate than a lover, soothing than music, precious than diamonds, brighter than sunlight,  deeper than the oceans-  that was Dance to her.

When she moved, she symbolized beauty, elegance, charm, harmony, and divine love- as if the universe’  blessings were always bestowed upon her.

She danced to be alive; to keep her sane; to express what she could not say; to make her feel as if she could fly; to bring bliss; to mend her broken heart.

But now she winces hearing a ghungroo, having abandoned dancing when life got in her way demanding to score grades, take up a job and settle down in a beautiful marriage.

She feels her body move to the music even if she does not like the song; she choreographs moves to every piece of music that she hears; she knows she is a dancer and a good one at that and she shall rise like a phoenix and continue her passion.

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This is part of the Five Sentence Fiction hosted by Lillie McFerrin. This week’s topic is Hunger.



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