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My Day with Coffee

It’s four in the morning and my alarm rings. I hate it. And I just don’t want to get up from bed. The mere thought of leaving the coziness of my comforter to getting under the chill water from the shower make me shudder. I am grumpy. “God, why am I in this kind of a job!!!”

And then, you come as my life-saver- to cheer me up and to tie me down from punching the first person that I see in the morning! Oops, other than my husband though!


 A cup of green coffee!

An hour-long drive to office and then the ‘talent’  of coffee has drained out. Work commences on time and each second feels like eternity. Just when I begin to yawn, here’s a friend who pings on IM, ” It’s 8!! Time for breakfast!”- Oh yeah, and another cup of coffee!


Nescafe-All the goodness of coffee

 There is an angry client on call. She is upset and yells, “What’s wrong with this thing!”, “This computer is NOT working!” And all I can think of is, “what did I do, what did I do, what did I do..”!! Hostility- Deadlines- Malefactors- Instigators-Schadenfreude– Office Politics- Bureaucracy! And it pops into my head- ‘Time for Cappuccino from the CCD machine’.


Cappuccino at the desk @10- A lot can happen over a cup of coffee!

Finally I figure out that she has accidentally deleted the Internet Explorer icon from her desktop and my angry client is now tickled pink. Just when I think that life is beautiful, my manager stares as if he has caught me red-handed from committing a murder. He questions about how many technical certifications I have done in this quarter of the year and I simply look at him with puppy-dog eyes. After about an hour of lecture on how I should have to keep my education current and how the IT industry is constantly evolving, I’m back at my desk.

Though it means I got to eat only at 4, my lunch is always at home with P.  I opt to gulp down another cup at 12. This means, Girl friends, Chit-chats, Gossips. Forget the stress, this’s the best part of work in IT- the people, energy and a bunch of nerds walking in tip-top dress codes.

20140902_124045India’s own Filter Coffee

I’m home at 4 and there’s lunch. Not cold! That’s the perk of having a loving husband. As I take a nap for an hour, I smile. Because, I know P will be ready with a cup of coffee at 6, dragging me out of bed.


P.S: The author does not advocate the use of heavy dose caffeine. But this is the only thing that keeps her going when she has to be at work by 5.

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