UBC Day 20- iSmile #20- Me Time!!

It’s been a dry spell in my life for the last few weeks. I have been craving for a break since long and this weekend brought me good.

I knew he would be held up in work all morning and hence I decided to have some Me-time today.


I got up late to see the raindrops falling on my window. I knew I wanted a cup of coffee to zest up my day. I read few pages of a book only to realize I’m filled with lots of energy today. I put n some rocking music and danced my heart out. 🙂 While I cooked lunch, I planned my day ahead. I headed straight to the parlor to pamper myself. After a good two hours of hot-oil massage I found a rejuvenatparloring self. 🙂

More surprise was in store when my husband said, “Come, let’s go shopping!!” :O ‘That comes rarely’, I thought and took utmost advantage of it. It went from the routine grocery shopping, to buying few show pieces for home and some clothes for both of us.

My day came to an end with a sumptuous dinner in a Chinese restaurant.  Didn’t I tell you that I love Chinese food? From Honey-glazed Prawns to Spicy Crab soup, from Burnt Garlic Chicken rice to Lamb Sichuan Gravy, it was perfect.

That’s what I call a perfect Me-day!! 🙂

Well, How did your weekend go?

Image Courtesy: Bitstrips and Happy Page @FB


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