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UBC Day 9- iSmile #9- A Thoughtful Gesture

Carry out a Random act of Kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.

                                                     – Princess Diana

I’m not a morning person and hence going to work early in the morning seems like a very boring, tedious, difficult, Herculean task for me. I know, I’ve often fussed about this.

So, it was just another day when I was reporting back to work in a drowsy, somnolent self. I had a hundred things running in my mind like work, shopping for grocery, cooking dinner and SLEEP. I had crossed the security gate and a young security officer wished me Good Morning with a smile on his face.  I was dumb-struck for a second but returned back a smile and wished him the same.

It might just be a “Good Morning” wish for him- or re-enforcing the rule to greet all the employees- or he might have felt I badly require a smile to come on my face. Whatsoever, this random gesture brightened up my day.



I made sure to smile at the janitors, the cooks and the waiters today. Why not hold open a door for someone? Clean up a neighbour’s yard? Give a flower? Listen? Say thanks? Pay for a meal? Smile? Do a favour? Visit a friend? Or send a message to that friend whom you’ve taken for granted and never sent a note for over an year? Hold a hand? Give a compliment? Give up your seat? These little things will make someone smile, it might makes his day 🙂


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