#AtoZChallenge Reflections Post: Yay, I’m a Survivor

While I catch up with some much needed rest and relaxation, I go back to the hurry-burry days of last month. I never thought I would complete the challenge. NEVER!


My office hours were crazy, I traveled for about 12 days with limited/no connection to the internet and I signed up for two themes. I could schedule the posts related to the Cooking theme and it is sad that I couldn’t complete my posts on the “wedding” theme. I never thought that my posts were popular until I got a mention in one of the blogs yesterday. Catch it here. This gives me a boost to finish my wedding posts.

However, I’m happy to have cooked some of the traditional recipes of my Motherland, Kerala. If you have have come to this space last month, you would’ve seen the struggle and joy of me cooking some exotic dishes.

I am very thankful to have participated in this challenge. I’ve learnt to be more disciplined and not to ignore my blog baby. I’ve been part of the Facebook community and thanks to Corinne for managing this A to Z FB group. I’ve made many friends who are not only very talented but also very sweet and protective. Thanks to Shailaja, Damayanti and Vidya too for organizing this challenge. <3


Will I participate in the Challenge next year????

Oh yes, definitely! Though it was hectic and I was gasping for breath many a times, I miss it now. I miss the urgency, the temptations, the hmmm… I donno, What not!!! It was a great experience and you should definitely participate to know it.

Many of the posts were inspiring, witty and addictive and I just can’t stay away from them any longer. Here are few of my favs in no particular order:

ANANYA TALE’S, Damayanti Writes, Battered HopeFilling my Prayer ClosetDestiny’s Child, MindBrew, JayantaThoughts, Meena’s Space, ExpressionsI am S(t)ri…The Weekend Baker, Reflex Reactions, Oh Snap, A Rose is a Rose is a Rose, Random Thoughts–Naba, Usha Menon , Vidya Sury

I hope I haven’t missed out anyone. I’ve enjoyed connecting with bloggers from around the world and it’s been lots of fun and I hope we can continue to connect. I’ve missed to comment on the blogs over the last few days of the challenge. I would be catching up with them this month.

Thanks a lot again for visiting my posts, and commenting on them. It really means a lot.. 🙂

Lots of love,





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