O as in Oratti

Oratti is a South Indian Rice flat bread. It is similar to Pathiri where in you don’t add grated coconut. This is one of the easiest recipes colorful-emoticon-o-letterand can be eaten along with an Chicken, Fish, Egg or Veg curry. I love having this esp cos it is quick to make 🙂



Rice flour- 2 cups, Water- 1 1/2 cups, Grated coconut- 1/2 cup, Salt- to taste, Oil


Boil water in a pan. Add grated coconut and salt. Add the flour little by little and mix well.

Remove from heat and knead. Make medium sized balls and press it gently to make a little thick round shape. You can user your hands.

Grease pan with oil. Place oratti on it and cook. Flip over to cook the other side. Now small golden spots appear on each sides.

Oh yeah, done!! 🙂



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