A to Z Challenge- Week 2

A week has gone by since the AtoZ Challenge has started. Never expected to receive such huge love and care from fellow participants, I feel so blessed now- so excited and so super-charged to jump in to the next week.

Week 1 was very difficult with me falling sick for two days, and very hectic at work. I was so low with the nasty appraisal process that I had to go through and I almost thought I will quit!!! hate it- sometimes most of the times!

Whatever, i don’t give a damn now!! Even though, I’m going to have night shifts at work, I just want to concentrate on my posts this week and pour in the same love to all the blogs participating.


“Please support the bloggers of the #AtoZchallenge by visiting, sharing or commenting. We have all worked long and hard to prepare these posts, some prepping for a couple of months, as we posted our regular schedule, took care of our children, went to work, had the flu…well, you get the idea.”- as said by Christina, a fellow participant!

I have found some amazing blogs, learnt many a things and made many new friends. And I feel blessed to have taken up this challenge. Cheers guys!


  1. Damyanti April 8, 2014

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