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In my pink B’day dress

“Mom, did you pack my Lacto-King chocolates?”

“Yes honey, I have. There are two packets in your bag.”

I was so happy and thrilled to show off my beautiful pink frock to my school friends.230357_10150265682421449_3449606_n That was the only day when the rest of the world will be in uniforms and I will be in my pretty B’day dress. I studied in a school where my Dad was working. He taught “History” subject in my class. I was jumpy to stand in front of the whole class, while they clapped and sang the “Happy Birthday” song.

But I was looking forward to the moment where I could give sweets to my Dad in front of them. You know, as a student to the teacher!!! 😛 It was always a proud moment for me to attend his lectures.

Good old days, I wish I am still that lil’ girl in the pink frock with a box full of “Lacto-King” chocolates.

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