Chilli Paneer Gravy

… continued from 14th Feb post

Okay, so it was a biiiiiiig under estimation. When I was back from work at 1am, I found five red roses on bed and two Nicholas Sparks books!! Awwwww… how sweet of him to do that!!! He just brought a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig smile on my face and that was all I needed…Flower Basket

And here’s the Paneer Chilli recipe which I cooked on the same day.


Paneer cubes-1cup, Capsicum- 1, Onion-1, Spring onion- 2, Chilli- 1, Pepper powder- 1 tsp, Red Chilli sauce-1 tbsp, Tomato sauce- 1tbsp, Soya sauce-1tbsp, Garlic-1 tbsp, Ginger-1 tbsp, Corn flour-1 tbsp,  Oil-3tbsp, Salt

For Batter:

All purpose flour-2 tbsp, Rice flour- 1 tbsp, Corn flour-1 tbsp, Salt, Oil for deep frying


Chop capsicum and onion to cubes, ginger and garlic finely and green chilly slit. Prepare a thick batter from ingredients mentioned under “for batter” above. Dip each paneer cube in this and deep fry in hot oil. Keep aside.

Heat oil in pan and add garlic, ginger and give a quick stir. Add onions inc spring onion white, capsicum, chilli and fry in high flame for a minute.

Add the sauces and pepper powder and fry in low flame for 30 seconds. Add 1 1/2 cups of water and bring to a boil. Add salt.

Dissolve 1 tblsp corn flour with 3 tblsp of water. Make sure not to add more corn flour as you will end up having a blob instead gravy.

Add the deep fried paneer cubes to the boiling gravy and also add the dissolved corn flour mix. Combine gently till the gravy thicken and garnish with spring onion greens.


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