Silent fear..

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In the dark of night when all is still

Thoughts of you in my mind do really fill..

I read your write so sad and blue

Is it what I am thinking so really true..

Inside I’m aching, breaking with fear

Tattered and torn, with running tear..

What do you truly intend to say

Is it that I am just in your way..

If only you knew what I’m going through

What makes me sad and what makes me blue..

The stones are cast so hard and sore

Never been hit like this before..

Can you understand what I feel

It is torrents of heartache that I deal..

My love is only and always for you

Knowing my intentions are honest and true..

I promised you that I would truly wait forever

Even if it took until never..

Thoughts of you are always there

Whether you are far, or even when near..

In my heart you will always live

And with all my love I shall try to forgive..

I stepped aside to give you space

To see again a smile upon your face..

But so it seems, nothing I do is right

With fear I will go through this night..

Cant’ take this anguish anymore

The pain and fear is so very sore..

Once again I just want to say I Love You so

Believe me more than you will ever know..

Remember it is me who is doing the waiting

And I have no need for contemplating..

I cannot live with this silent fear

And I wanna know whether you still want me near!!


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