Aloo Tikki

When I checked my pantry, it was full of potatoes. So, I wanted to make a starter that would take a generous amount from my potato collection. And this was a simple one which hardly took about 20mins. Also, perfect for evening tea, it has become a daily favorite.

Aloo Tikki


Potatoes- 6, Onion(finely chopped)-1, Green Chilly(finely chopped)-3, Coriander leaves, Hing- 1/2tsp, Bread- 3, Oil- to deep fry or shallow fry, Salt- to taste


Boil, peel and mash potatoes. Add all the ingredients except bread. You can also add red chilly powder if you want more spice.

Soak bread in water, strain and add to the mixture. Mash well so that the potatoes are coated well.

Make small rounds and flatten it on your palm. That is your tikki. Heat some oil in a flat pan and shallow fry the tikkis till crisp and golden-brown on both sides. You can also deep fry them.




  1. Shalzzz January 8, 2014
  2. Shalzzz January 8, 2014

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